Hugh Bucknall

Hugh Bucknall BSc Grad Dip DP has had a varied professional life as an assistant engineer, computer programmer, systems analyst,  policy adviser, HR Director, management consultant, enterprise leader and business owner. He retired from the role World Wide Partner at Mercer managing the enterprise across the Asia Pacific region in 13 countries and 27 locations. Hugh has authored 2 books titled Mastering Business in Asia: HR Management and the Magic of HR Numbers both published by Wiley.

Across those years, he has participated in and lead a wide range of meetings dealing with Occupational Health & Safety, organisational change, staff briefings, strategy planning, executive management, customer service review, industrial negotiations, training, market trend reporting and community service. He has presented at international conferences in London, New York, Frankfurt, Barcelona and many other locations. He is a strong advocate for the KISS Principle and the common sense application of simple approaches of managing meetings.

Currently, Hugh is a mentor and executive coach plus conducts training and strategy planning sessions.  He has held a number of Rotary Leadership roles, has been presented a Paul Harris Fellowship and Royce Abbey Award. He has managed a number of community projects on behalf of Rotary. He is also a guest lecturer and public speaker for the agencies such as University of the Third Age, Rotary and Probus.

Recreationally, travel and photography/home movies, wine and food, art and design, music and theatre, friends and family are the focus in his life.