About Us

Better Meetings. Better Outcomes

We  specialise in data & analysis accompanied with the latest thinking in data analytics and artificial intelligence in order to take action which involves our overall  core and proprietary solution.   We believe that collaboration and meeting effectiveness is a  key  factor to the performance of any organisation because they determine the direction, represent the culture, and are a significant investment that should be managed for optimisation.

(1)  Innovation & Latest Thinking:  We provide service by implementing solutions that will challenge your current approach for improving the performance of an organisation. With our team and alliance partners, Potomac AP is able to offer leading theory, technology and practice in industries with applied competencies such as Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

(2)  Proven: Our unique solutions are rich in intellectual property backed upon extensive experience and research of leading practices.

(3)  Integration & Customisation:  Our core solution allows us to deliver results without creating additional work - customising our solutions to integrate with your existing operations and provide automation to reduce existing workloads.

(4) Service:  Whilst we have tools and methods that identify your issues and provide benchmarks; we also combine services to allow an organisation to obtain the targeted benefits.

(5) Return on Investment: We never  engage with a client unless we can add value and provide a positive return on investment.