SIVOTEC Analytics (Boca Raton, Florida USA)

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (Florida, USA)

The SIVOTEC team brings a wealth of experience from major corporations to high-tech start-ups. World-renowned health, sport, and data scientists and innovative business leaders collaborate at SIVOTEC to define the future of sports science and medicine using the most advanced and innovative machine-learning tools, algorithms, and technology in a multi-domain, systems biology approach.  SIVOTEC creates new actionable intelligence and develops high-impact knowledge at the intersection of sports technology, athlete health and performance, and big data analytics

The  SIVOTEC team includes top executives from companies and institutions within the business, science, health, education and technology industries: IBM, NASA, Motorola, Cleveland Clinic, PNC Bank, Stanford University, University of Illinois and MIT. Additionally, this team brings vast experience with the health coaching of professional athletes.