Baseline Studies

Solution Query
Board and Committee(s) Reviews  Does the Board and Committees perform well as a group and at an optimal level?  
Board Skills Assessment  Are the Board skills and strategy aligned?  
Individual Director Review  Does each Board Director/Committee member contribute optimally? 
CEO Feedback and Assessment  Does the CEO service the board and management for leadership? 
Executive Leadership Review  Does the C-Suite perform well as a group?  
Executive Skills Assessment  Are the executive skills and strategy aligned?  
Individual Executive Review  Does each C-Suite Executive contribute optimally? 
Executive Meetings Baseline Study  What is working well and what could we do better in C-Suite Executive Meetings?  
Management Feedback and Assessment  Do the Managers and their organisations support the leadership of the C-Suite Executive team? 
Meeting & Organisational Baseline Study  What is the effectiveness of the Organisation/Projects through meetings? 
Specific Organisational Review(s)  Does the current organisation act as desired (i.e. Culture, Compliance, Meetings Effectiveness, Execution, etc)?