Vinay Goswami

Vinay Goswami B.Tech., M.Engg, Fellowship (Systems Engg), M Marketing (Melb), MBA (Melb) has formal qualifications in engineering in addition to completing postgraduate work in both marketing and strategic management in the academic and private sector environment.

He has diverse business sector experience in defence, automotive, telecom and advisory and has led various technology/ business transformation initiatives, investigation studies and completed several advisory reports for government and global multinational organizations operating in the USA, MENA, and Australia/ New Zealand region. Vinay has keen academic interest in the strategic and implementation aspects of corporate governance, business and marketing strategies for large and small-medium businesses.

Prior experience is in managing and leading engagement on the effectiveness and efficiency of large business projects and program processes across business units and has been involved in the study and assessment of the effectiveness, productivity, performance and benefits realization.

Various business transformation engagements involved initiatives at prominent establishments such as: Defence R&D Organization (Under Ministry of Defence, Govt of India) , Case New Holland Inc, Tata’s, EDS, IBM, Australia Post and Telecom NZ. Furthermore, he is also the founder and owner of the boutique consulting firm Ananya Advisory & Support Services. Vinay has published papers in academic journals and has written articles for various publications. With a core focus on research and writing, Vinay also provides consulting for projects by providing advisory services for setup of the management office structure, delivery structure, portfolio management and implementation recommendations for corporations of all sizes and sectors injecting the latest trends and methods based upon the latest research.